It’s been a little while now since the ELF Bar disposable vape dominated the UK market, but since the release of disposable-style e-liquids, such as Elfliq, SKE Crystal salt, Bar Juice and JAKD, disposable sales have reduced dramatically.

This is due to consumers realising how much of an environmental impact disposable vapes had on the environment and the huge financial burden compared to “bar liquids”. The savings can be as high as £80 per month when switching to a rechargeable, reusable vape, such as our disposable quit kit.

All in all, making the switch from disposable vapes to bar liquids can save your pocket and the environment. Meanwhile, the option to adjust the nicotine content makes it so much easier to wean yourself off nicotine, allowing for a much easier quitting journey. After all, vaping should be a transition period between cigarettes and a nicotine-free life! So, if you’re an avid user of disposables, be sure to read on to discover exactly what bar liquid has to offer and why it might be a wise idea to switch up your vaping habits.


So, what is a bar liquid? A bar liquid is effectively extra strong flavourings put into an e-liquid form. Traditionally, e-liquid manufacturers such as us use between 15-25% flavourings, which always hit the spot… until disposable vapes made a comeback in the last couple of years. These disposables, such as ELF Bars, SKE Crystal Bars and Elux Bars, have a much higher level of flavour; we would expect around 40%, and who doesn’t like more flavour?

A Longer Lasting Solution

Unfortunately, as we all know, disposables don’t last very long; this is due to the TPD legal limit of 2ml in a device, pod, or tank, which is not a huge amount. As a result, most of our customers get less than a day per crystal bar or ELF Bar; this means that they get thrown into landfill once they’ve been used. ELF Bar has decided to bring out the same level of flavouring in their e-liquid range, which has most of the same flavours, and called the range Elfliq for (Elf liquid). It’s available in 10mg/ml and 20mg/ml, but soon Elfliq 5mg/ml is coming to the UK!

Now, the legal limit in a bottle of e-liquid (containing nicotine) is 10ml, which is five disposables worth. With Dispergo, the cost is £3.99 or 3 for £10, so for £10, you can have the same amount of liquid as 15 disposables! Yes, you do have to buy a device and pods, but even with that in mind, it’s a dramatic saving.

Bar Liquid Brands

SKE Crystal Bar has recently released Crystal Bar Salts, which, again, are the same flavours found in Crystal Bars, just in e-liquid form. Lost Mary is also releasing Mary Liq in the coming weeks, and Legend Bars have released their nic salts called Elux Legend Salts.

Bar juice, Elfliq, and SKE Crystal Bar Salts are all made in China; however, JAKD is a UK-made double concentrated range made from UK-made flavours as well. The range consists of Dispergo’s best-selling flavours out of our extensive catalogue, and we’ve double-concentrated them, giving you the same flavour punch as a bar liquid.

The Disposable Quit Kit

If you want to quit disposables, the disposable quit kit is the ideal place to start. With three bottles of juice, a device, and a pack of pods, it will cover you for a couple of weeks. The device would need to be charged (depending on use) once a day, pods usually need to be replaced every 5-10 days, and a bottle of juice should last 3-4 days. We would always recommend starting on the 10mg strength as the device will be more powerful than a normal disposable, and therefore, there will be more nicotine in the vapour, so the actual amount you will be consuming will be higher if you use the 20mg/ml as you would on the disposables.

It’s also a good way to reduce your nicotine intake for the day, as you can move down to Elf or JAKD 5mg when they are released, making it easier to quit vaping altogether as you slowly reduce the nicotine content.

Get in Touch with the Vaping Experts

Here at Dispergo, we pride ourselves on being experts in the vaping industry, meaning we’re more than happy to advise and guide anyone looking to change their vaping habits. So, if you have any questions, please feel free to call our friendly customer service experts on 01993 627 341 or pop in the store to chat. You can find us at our Vape Shop in Kidlington, so if you’re after that personalised experience, don’t hesitate to pay us a visit!