Vape Juice Flavour

How To Choose a Vape Juice Flavour

Choosing a flavour you will like is one of the trickiest parts of switching from smoking to vaping. With hundreds of different flavours to choose from, this can be quite daunting. At Dispergo, we want to make the switch as easy as possible for you.

We understand just how overwhelming the sheer number of flavours and brands can be, which inspired us to pull together this vape juice flavour guide. From tobacco to dessert flavours, we have a number of vape juices to satisfy all manner of tastebuds. Whether you’re looking to replicate the smoking experience or get as far away from it as possible, we’ve got you covered.

Most Popular Vape Flavours – Tobacco-Flavoured E-Liquids

When switching from smoking to vaping, tobacco flavour is a good place to start to mimic the feel of having an actual cigarette (without the nasty chemicals). After all, we only recommend our vaping products to those who are looking to quit smoking; we do not endorse non-smokers picking up vaping.

To that end, if the idea of sticking to a tobacco flavour appeals to you, here are some great ones we recommend:

Riot Squad has a range of tobacco-flavoured e-liquids, including the following:

  • Cream Leaf, a creamy tobacco-flavoured e-liquid.
  • Fresh Leaf, a dark chocolate tobacco-flavoured e-liquid.
  • Sweet Leaf, a vanilla tobacco-flavoured e-liquid.

These are also some great tobacco-flavoured e-liquid recommendations:


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Drink-Flavoured E-Liquids

If you want to get away from the taste of cigarettes to really kick the habit, a good place to start is to think about what kind of drinks you enjoy; for example, if you like summer fruits squash, go for something with berries in the description. These might include Rachael Rabbit’s Redcurrant, Grape and Cherry. Alternatively, you might prefer a tropical flavour drink; if so, give Unreal3’s Pineapple and Passionfruit [MW1] a try.

These are just two of the many great drink-based e-liquid flavours that can be found at Dispergo. You can browse the rest of our drink-flavoured vape juices here.


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Sweet-Flavoured E-Liquids

If you’re not sure what drinks you enjoy, think about what sweets you like. At Dispergo, we have a broad range of sweet-flavoured e-liquids. If you are a lover of aniseed flavour sweets, give Cherry Liquorice by Okay! Orange a go! If you love the classic fruit salad sweets, why not try Okay! Orange’s Raspberry Pineapple Chew?

Okay! Orange is just one of the many brands that boast a multitude of sweet flavour profiles. If you want to enjoy the nostalgia of your favourite childhood flavours in an exclusively adult capacity, sweet-based e-liquids are for you.

Discover the rest of Dispergo’s sweet-based vape juices here.


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Dessert-Flavoured E-Liquids

If you enjoy cakes more than sweets and drinks, go for a dessert profile. Banoffee Pie by The Original Jack Rabbit is a well-loved flavour you might enjoy. Yum Yum by Fugly but Sweet is also a popular pastry flavour which is definitely worth a try.

Dinner is never complete without a dessert, but what if you could get this sweetness without all the calories? Well, now you can with Dispergo’s range of dessert-flavoured e-liquids. These delectable delights are sure to satisfy nicotine and sweetness cravings alike.

To browse Dispergo’s extensive range of dessert-based flavours, click here.


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Other Flavour Profiles

Detailed above are just some of the most popular flavour profiles, brands, and products available at Dispergo. We also provide creamy, floral, fruity, menthol, smoothie, and sour e-liquids. Regardless of your personal taste preferences, we provide a multitude of flavour profiles to ensure you’re provided with a bespoke and pleasant vaping experience.

Being able to enjoy vaping in this way is the ticket to being able to quit smoking successfully, and it’s our mission to help build as many success stories as possible. With the help of Dispergo and our multitude of flavours, you can and will eradicate cigarettes from your life.


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New to vaping?
Choose your flavour with the help of Dispergo

Every person’s taste preferences are different; at Dispergo, we understand that it can be tricky to pick a flavour online without having tried it first, and you might not get it right the first time. For this reason, we offer the Dispergo Guarantee. The Dispergo Guarantee allows you to send back any Dispergo-made e-liquid you don’t like completely free of charge and replace it. We even provide a pre-paid postage label. So, you can find the e-liquid that is perfect for your palate. Just pick flavours with the DSG logo (T&Cs apply). To read more on the Dispergo Guarantee, click here.

If you are still struggling to choose a flavour, we are always here to help, contact us or message us on our live chat, and we will help you find something you will enjoy!

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