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The Dispergo Vaping story begins in 2015, when lifelong friends, Josh and Toran, started mixing e-liquid flavours for themselves, family, and close friends. Their own products received such positive reactions that they decided to take the mission one step forwards and unveil their e-liquids to the world. This all started with the original award-winning Jack Rabbit Dessert range, which has skyrocketed in popularity over the years. Since then, Dispergo Vaping has developed a number of e-liquid brands and flavours and even opened two new vape stores in Oxford!

Dispergo Vaping Trade Counter in Witney

The first of our vape shops in Oxford is the Dispergo Vaping Trade Counter. Here, customers are welcome to browse and buy from our collection, chatting with our friendly team as they do so. As a result, customers are provided with a more personalised experience, meaning they’re given a space to ask questions and find the ideal e-liquid for them.

What’s more, since there are fewer options available at the Trade Counter than on the online store, the decision-making process is made a whole lot easier. Some customers prefer the simplicity of only being presented with a few options, especially if they’re new to vaping and don’t quite know what they’re looking for yet. It goes without saying that the hundreds of options available online can be overwhelming to a vaping newbie. The handful of products at our original vape shop is much more manageable, and our staff are on hand to help customers out, too.

Dispergo Vape Shop in Kidlington

While the Trade Counter in Witney is our original vape shop, the Kidlington Vape Store is our newest and biggest vape store and head office. Since our first Trade Counter and online store were so successful, we decided to expand our number of brick-and-mortar shops. We’re very happy with this move, as the Kidlington Store has since become our headquarters, making it an integral cog in the Dispergo Vaping machine!

Much like the Trade Counter in Witney, the Dispergo Vape Shop in Kidlington provides a personalised customer experience. This is because the experts are available for face-to-face conversations, offering clients sound advice about the top products. Therefore, customers are able to filter through the specially selected range of stock with professional guidance.

The Manufacturing of Exclusive Products

Our stores aren’t solely the sites of brick-and-mortar sales, but they’re also the facilities in which our bespoke products are manufactured. Our e-liquids are crafted to the highest standards in a true British fashion. Therefore, we’re proud to say that we boast creativity, independence, and uniqueness, which sets us apart from the vast majority of e-liquid manufacturers and vape shops.

The DSG Range

E-liquids manufactured by Dispergo Vaping are otherwise known as DSG e-liquids. DSG stands for Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee, wherein if customers aren’t completely satisfied with Dispergo-made and sold products, they’re able to exchange them for alternative items completely free of charge.

The DSG range is incredibly varied, with flavour profiles such as creamy, dessert, drinks, fruity, menthol/ice, smoothie, sour, sweets, and tobacco. Consequently, whether customers prefer to mimic the feel of a real cigarette with tobacco-flavoured e-liquid or they prefer taking in fruity freshness, Dispergo Vaping has got you covered.


The most popular DSG brands available on the online store include the following:


The Dispergo Vaping Story

Following the success of Jack Rabbit, Rachael Rabbit was released, which is a simultaneously mildly cool and fruity collection. Each of these unique e-liquid brands left vape stores across the country asking us for flavours. As a result, Dispergo Vaping was created in 2019 with a mission to bring vape shops across the nation closer together through the collaborative creation of bespoke flavours and brands. This is in addition to helping stores to stock one another’s brands to encourage cooperation. Ultimately, we work to provide shops with exclusive, high-quality, compliant, great-tasting, and great-looking products that customers will love.

Pay Us a Visit in Store

If you can’t get enough of Dispergo’s unique product range, be sure to pay us a visit at one of our brick-and-mortar stores! You can find us in Witney and Kidlington in Oxford, and our friendly team will be there, ready to welcome you with open arms! We look forward to seeing you and discussing all things vaping.