Exploring Tobacco-Flavoured E-Liquids: A Guide to Traditional Vaping


The whole purpose of vaping is to quit smoking, which is why ex-smokers often wish to mimic the feel of a cigarette as much as possible. That’s where tobacco-flavoured e-liquids come in to offer new vapers an experience that’s reminiscent of smoking. From this, it becomes less likely that ex-smokers will pick the habit back up, as their nicotine cravings will be satisfied, and the experience won’t be too dissimilar from smoking in terms of taste.


You may be wondering why you’d pick up vaping as an alternative to smoking. Is this not just one habit to replace another? Well, that’s not how we see it at Dispergo Vaping. This is because e-liquids don’t contain the poisonous chemicals that are found in cigarettes, making vaping a much healthier alternative to smoking. This isn’t to say that vaping is healthy and should be picked up by just anyone, but it’s definitely effective in helping someone satisfy nicotine cravings without taking in poisonous substances.

In fact, Dispergo Vaping’s cream tobacco e-liquid brand is particularly effective, as it comes in shortfill form only. This means that you can customise the amount of nicotine being added to the e-liquid, with the maximum amount being 36mg. As a result, over time, you can gradually decrease your nicotine intake, slowly weaning yourself off it until you no longer experience cravings. This is much more effective than quitting cold turkey, which can sometimes be too mentally and physically demanding to maintain.

Making the transition from smoking to vaping can feel quite daunting; after doing something for some time, it can become difficult to imagine doing anything differently. With the help of cream tobacco vape juice, you can maintain some sense of your usual routine to make it more manageable.


El Bacco is a shortfill range created by Dispergo Vaping, inspired by Mexican culture and art and comprising tobacco-based flavours. We crafted this brand with the mission of helping you to sit back, relax, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind e-liquid. What’s more, tobacco-flavoured shortfills are unique in the sense that we recommend leaving the e-liquid to steep for around a fortnight after adding nicotine shots to help ensure the purest flavour possible. Alternatively, if you’re cutting out nicotine completely, shortfills can be vaped just as they are. To that end, detailed below are the flavours available flavours in the El Bacco range.


Cigarro Crema is the first of El Bacco’s e-liquids, which provides vapers with a silky-smooth tobacco flavour with a dash of creamy coconut crème. From this, you’re able to enjoy the traditional tobacco taste paired with a delicate hint of milky coconut. With Cigarro Crema, making the most of Mexican medleys couldn’t be any easier.


Next up is Caramelo Café, which combines the taste of a heart-warming latte with crème caramel. Therefore, the flavour presents a real nod to Mexican culture, as when we think of Mexican desserts, our minds immediately go to crème caramel. What’s not to like about a deliciously sweet custard topped with a sticky caramel sauce in the form of an e-liquid?


Last but not least is Ron de Tobaco, which boasts a delightful combination of rich, creamy tobacco and a shot of rum. It’s safe to say that this is one of the more mature flavours offered and arguably an acquired taste, too. Despite this, we know that this flavour is loved by many, especially the coffee and rum aficionados.


So, here at Dispergo Vaping, we pride ourselves on our tobacco shortfill range that makes the lives of ex-smokers so much easier. Not only does the collection allow individuals to reap the health benefits of quitting smoking, but it also facilitates cost savings. For instance, one El Bacco shortfill can be purchased for £14.99, or you can get two for £25, which is significantly cheaper than the cost of cigarettes.

What’s more, since El Bacco is one of Dispergo’s original brands, customers are entitled to the Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that we won’t be offended if you don’t enjoy our El Bacco shortfills – we know that everyone has different tastes. Instead, we’ll cover the cost of postage for you to return the e-liquid to us and send you a different one completely free of charge. Therefore, there’s no risk when shopping for Dispergo’s original brands; you’ll never have to power through an e-liquid you don’t like – simply exchange it for one that you do.

Be sure to browse and buy from the El Bacco range or get in touch with any queries or concerns about Dispergo Vaping’s e-liquids.