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As the name suggests, vaping starter kits are the perfect product for any new vaper; however, they’re ideal for experienced vapers, too! A starter vape kit refers to a vape machine that turns e-liquid into vapour, making vaping easier than ever. Additionally, our vape starter kits are incredibly versatile, as we stock e-cigarette starter kits that are reminiscent of a real cigarette, as well as UK vape kits that produce a lot of vapour. Regardless of your vaping needs, Dispergo Vaping has an array of cheap vape kits to satisfy your cravings.



GeekVape mod kits in the UK are renowned for being some of the most sought-after products on the market. Being developed in a high-tech manufacturing district, in which some of the best vape kits in the world are produced, it’s no wonder why GeekVape completely smokes the competition. Similarly, GeekVape’s easy-to-use nature makes them ideal for beginners and experienced vapers alike. Furthermore, with products from as little as £55, a GeekVape kit won’t break the bank.


VooPoo is one of the most versatile brands on the market when it comes to vape kits. This is down to the availability of simplistic beginner vape kits and more advanced customisable options. As a result, VooPoo carries products to suit every budget, with prices ranging from £42 to £69.99. With the help of VooPoo solutions, your vaping products can grow with you.

Lost Vape

Lost Vape was developed by one of the first innovators in the vaping market, and this unique vision certainly paid off. Today, Lost Vape is known for its high-end devices that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and, most importantly, easy to use. The brand places a lot of emphasis on letting its values shine through its products, which is communicated via its passion for engineering and craftsmanship. Not only this, but with products from as little as £40, the brand is incredibly affordable.


Anyone looking to tread the balance between quality and convenience should consider an OXVA vape kit. These benefits are predominantly down to the range of cool features that are enticing to both new and existing vapers. In addition to these swanky qualities, OXVA sits among the most affordable vaping solutions on the market, with vape kits available from as little as £35.99.

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Whenever you purchase a vape kit from Dispergo Vaping, we throw in a 50 ml shortfill for free! Be sure to browse our collection and begin your vaping journey with Dispergo Vaping today.

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