Here at Dispergo Vaping, we pride ourselves on being providers of some of the best nicotine shots in the UK. Our store is home to an array of unique brands that provide you with that kick of nicotine you’ve been craving.

We’re dedicated to helping our users quit smoking cigarettes for good, and using our nicotine shots might just be the way forward in your quitting journey. The beauty of these items is that you can customise how much nicotine is added to your e-liquid, facilitating you to wean yourself off nicotine for good!


How to Use Nicotine Shots for Vapes

Firstly, using your nicotine shots couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is remove the nozzle and cap from your e-liquid and pour your desired amount of nicotine in. When using a shortfill, you can add up to 3mg of nicotine, as they contain a 0mg liquid. For instance, a 60ml bottle contains 50ml of 0mg e-liquid, which allows for a 10ml nicotine shot to be added.  To create a 3mg e-liquid / 2 shots for 6mg in a 60ml bottle.

Vampire Vape Nicotine Shots

Vampire Vape prides itself on being an expert in quality and flavour, which is demonstrated by its expansive range. As far as nicotine shots are concerned, they contain a 70/30 blend, which allows the vaper to create big clouds. Similarly, this specialised combination results in a more intense flavour and a smoother throat hit.

Ice Vape Shots

One thing that sets Ice Vape shots apart from the rest is the fact that they’re nicotine free! Instead of providing your e-liquid with a nicotine-fuelled kick, this product provides you with a nice, cold sensation. This is achieved via a 100% PG solution that can be added to any e liquid to create an icy buzz.

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