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Coil Replacement

The coil is the element of a vape that will need replacing the most. It is the element that produces the vapour and transmits the flavour from your e-liquid. Known also as atomisers, they consist of an outer casing, a wire coil, and a cotton wick. The wick is usually pushed through the coil or wrapped around it.

Typically, you will need to do a coil replacement every one to two weeks, depending on your individual level of vaping, the level of sweetener in your vape juices, and the power level you like to set your vape kit.

At Dispergo, we stock a wide range of different brands, including Hohm Tech, Horizontech, Voopoo, Lost Vape, GeekVape, and many more.

Pod Vapes

Vape pod kits have fast become the convenient approach to vaping, available as a single unit instead of the separate elements of a vape tank and coil. A pod vape kit is leakproof, easy to use, and will give you that nicotine hit you’re seeking without all the fiddling about.

They are particularly popular with those who are moving away from cigarettes as they replicate as close as possible the traditional smoking experience.

Open vs Closed Vape Kits

An open system allows you to carry out your own coil replacement and refill the vape juice with a simple push-and-click closed system.

A closed system is a disposable vape pod that contains everything you need for a great vaping experience with none of the work. When the closed pod runs out of juice, then you either dispose of the pod and replace it with a new one or refill the pod if the pod has the option to do that.

At Dispergo, we can guide you towards a vape pod kit that will fulfil your current vaping needs. We stock many popular brands, including Elfbar, Xros, Caliburn, Ursa Nano, Vinci, and Xlim.

If you are looking for a particular component, simply type in the name of the product in our search bar. You can either search by brand or by product type. Hardware product types include batteries, rebuildable, replacement pods, starter kits, vape coils, vape mods, vape tanks, and vaping kits.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, drop us a line or call us on 01993 627341, and we’ll help you find an alternative.