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When it comes to selecting the best box mods, you want to ensure that you sift through high-end vape mods in the UK. This needn’t be an issue with Dispergo Vaping, as we stock the latest vape mods on the market so that our customers can enjoy the best vaping experience. Since it’s your e-cig mod that houses your battery, it’s vital that you invest in a quality solution. It’s the battery that heats and vaporises the e-liquid, which is what makes the vape function; as a result, changing your mod is the best way to customise your vaping experience.



From new vape mods to other vaping products, Aspire is dedicated to providing vapers with the best technology, most authentic products, and outstanding vaping experiences. The brand was founded by smokers turned vapers, so you can be sure that every product is developed with good intentions in mind. Anyone searching for a smoking alternative should consider Aspire’s vape mods in order to move closer to a healthier lifestyle.


Any vaper who’s invested in innovative technology should consider a GeekVape mod, thanks to the brand’s custom chipsets and other advanced features. As the brand name suggests, GeekVape is the go-to for any vaping nerd. From £39.99 to £44.99, the GeekVape range is extremely versatile, allowing you to select the right solution for you in terms of both application and affordability.


Vaporesso is all about giving the user full control of their vaping experience, whether it be via box mods or built-in battery designs. Additionally, Vaporesso mods are available in a multitude of price points without the quality being compromised. Every one of Vaporesso’s mods boasts excellent feature performance, as well as an elegant shape and outlook. Here at Dispergo Vaping, you can purchase a Vaporesso mod from as little as £30!


It didn’t take VooPoo long to establish itself in the vaping market and it’s no wonder why when considering the versatility, reliability, and accuracy of its products. Not only does VooPoo build great-performing devices, but it also creates original and stunning designs. VooPoo is known for its innovative features that are crafted to the wishes and requirements of all manner of vapers. From £40 to £47.99, not only is the VooPoo collection of great quality, but it’s also an affordable contender.

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Upon the purchase of any vape mod, Dispergo Vaping will also throw in a 50 ml shortfill, completely free of charge! Browse our vape mod collection to find your next vaping solution today.

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