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When searching for the best vape tank of 2022, you needn’t look any further than Dispergo Vaping. We stock a wide range of e-cig tank brands that are perfect for novice and experienced vapers alike.

The tank is one of the most important components of a vape, as this is the e-liquid reservoir that contains the heating coil and mouthpiece. It’s connected to the mod or battery, which results in the heating of the coil and the vaporising of the e-liquid. Whether you’re after small or large vape tanks, be sure to browse the Dispergo Vaping collection.



The Aspire vape tanks are crafted from some of the most innovative atomiser technology, making them the perfect choice for 30 ml vape tanks and 10 ml vape tanks across the UK. Thanks to Aspire’s clearomiser tanks, you’re sure to experience the cleanest and purest vaping, as well as an intense and delicious flavour. The quality design of Aspire’s products means that the e-liquid flavour packs a punch with every puff. The Nautilus 3 Tank can be purchased for as little as £24.99, so purchase your next vape tank today.


GeekVape tanks are ideal for every type of vaper, whether they’re on the hunt for small or big vape tanks. The beauty of GeekVape is its customisable features, with our Z Nano 2 Tank coming in a variety of colours. These colour options include black, blue, gold, gunmetal, rainbow, and stainless steel. At just £19.99, GeekVape offers some of the most affordable vaping solutions on the market. In spite of this affordability, you can rest assured that the quality isn’t compromised. You can trust the products available on the Dispergo Vaping store every time.


As one of the oldest vaping brands on the market, Horizontech boasts years of experience in the development of its vaping solutions. It’s no wonder that Horizontech has such a good reputation with its wide array of successful products. Exploring Horizontech’s range is always an exciting time, thanks to the innovative items that are always making their way into the vaping sphere. From as little as £20, Horizontech perfectly treads the balance between quality and affordability. When on the hunt for your next vape tank, be sure to consider Horizontech as a serious contender.


Last but not least, is VooPoo, one of the best vape tank manufacturers across the globe. Despite this, one thing that sets VooPoo apart from other brands is that VooPoo doesn’t have dozens of vape tanks. Instead, the brand focuses on the build of their tanks, wherein quality is prioritised over quantity. From a generous capacity to an easy-to-use nature, VooPoo is one of the best brands you can opt for when it comes to vape tanks. Here at Dispergo Vaping, we supply the TPP Pod for only £15!

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Anyone searching for their next vape tank should look no further than the Dispergo Vaping online store. Be sure to browse our collection and feel free to contact us with any queries or concerns about our products.

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