A rebuildable vape or rebuildable tank atomiser (RTA) is an advanced vape with a deck for user-installed wicks and coils called “builds”. Generally speaking, the term rebuildable vape atomiser (RBA) is used to describe removable decks for vape tanks, while the wider category of rebuildables is more commonly referred to as “rebuildable atomisers”.

Regardless of the terminology you prefer to use, Dispergo Vaping is home to some of the best rebuildables on the market. Discover more about the rebuildable range below.


Rebuildable Vape Starter Kits

A starter kit for rebuildables typically contains coils or wires and cotton, so the vaper has everything they need to get going with the building process. Switching to a rebuildable is much more challenging than using a vape straight out of the box. Therefore, if you’ve never tried a rebuildable before, you may wish to begin with a starter kit. As you become more experienced, you’ll be able to enjoy the endless customising possibilities, but a starter kit is ideal for getting you acquainted with all things rebuildable.

*We have diy kits but most of the rebuildable equipment we stock all comes separately.

Best Rebuildable Vape Tanks 

A rebuildable tank (or RTA) is a hybrid of a standard tank and a rebuildable dripping atomiser (RDA). As with a traditional tank, they hold e-liquid; however, the coils used are rebuildable rather than being stock coils. As previously mentioned, the beauty of a rebuildable vape is that the coils are customisability, with adjustable airflow and top fill tanks available.

*RDA’s hold a tiny amount of liquid as you have to drip a few drops on to the cotton, an RTA (Rebuilable tank atomiser) can hold e-liquid.

Rebuildable Pod Vapes

Standard pod vapes are among the most popular solutions due to their ease of use; however, as you progress as a vaper, you might be after something more. That’s where a rebuildable pod system comes in, wherein you’re enabled to rebuild the coil rather than simply using replacement coils or cartridges.

*We don’t stock these


In order to facilitate the customisability of rebuildables, Dispergo Vaping stocks all manner of brands. These include:

  • Coil Master
  • Coils by Scott
  • EZ Cloud Company
  • Flatwire
  • GeekVape
  • God of Vapers
  • HellVape
  • Lost Vape
  • Suicide Mods
  • Thunder Head Creations
  • Vapefly
  • Vaperz Cloud
  • Wick n Vape

+  Cotton bacon

+  Cotton Gods

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