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What is a Shortfill Vape?

As the name suggests, shortfill liquids aren’t filled to the bottle’s maximum capacity—they're "short filled." This is predominantly down to the fact that a shortfill is a zero-nicotine e-liquid, and 16.6% (10ml in a 60ml bottle and 20ml in a 120ml) of the bottle is freed up for nicotine shots to be added. The purpose of a shortfill is that you’re able to purchase larger amounts of your favourite flavours and add your own nicotine.

Nic Salts Shortfill

One of the best ways to add nicotine to your shortfill is by using nic salts, which provide a similar form of nicotine found in tobacco. Therefore, nic salts are similar to the natural state of nicotine, which gets blended with liquid, resulting in an e-liquid that can be vaped. Similarly, nic salts get absorbed into the bloodstream more readily than distilled nicotine in standard e-liquids, meaning that a vaper’s nicotine cravings will be satisfied quicker.

We would recommend combining the salt equivalent of the shortfill you are buying, for instance a Rio 50ml shortfill and a 20mg Rio salt this will create a 3.6mg/ml juice and a stronger flavour than what you would expect from the normal shortfill.

Nic salts paired with shortfills can provide an ideal path to quitting smoking, as they provide such a similar nicotine hit. Tobacco is full of poisons that are detrimental to the lungs and other areas of the body and making the switch to a vape is a great way to improve one’s physical well-being.

With this being said, shortfills combined with nic salts should only be used in conjunction with DTL vapes. This is because shortfills have a higher Vegetable Glycerine content of between 70 and 80% generally. Therefore, when used in a MTL kit, the liquid is likely to cause the coil to burn out quickly and dramatically reduce coil life.

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