The world of vaping is ever-evolving, which is why we boast a wide selection of new products here at Dispergo Vaping. From the latest vape mods to the newest disposables, you’re sure to find the hottest vaping products on our online store. Not only do we stock state-of-the-art vaping equipment, but we also make sure to supply the most unique of flavours. You can browse our selection of the latest vaping products here.


Best New Vape Mods UK

Your vape mod is the bottom part of your vape that contains all electrical components, including the battery. The latest vape mods are equipped with quality technology, so you can rest assured that your vape is safe to use. Although you can buy cheap vape mods from the Dispergo store, the quality isn’t compromised. Get your hands on top-quality mods for an incredibly low price today.

Best New Vape Tanks UK

You may also hear the vape tank being described as the atomiser, and this component is designed to hold your e-liquid. Within the tank sits the e-liquid, which is what provides your vape with its delicious flavour. Similarly, your coil is also situated within your tank, which is responsible for heating up and vaporising your e-liquid. Since your tank contains the heating component of your vape, you want to make certain that you get it from a trusted supplier, such as ourselves.

Best New E-liquids UK

While your vape mods and tanks are important, they would be rendered quite useless without delicious E-liquids. Your e-liquids are what gets turned into tasty vapour, which lets out a delectable aroma. Our e-liquid flavours include Blue Hawaiian, Dark Grape and Bubblegum, Grape and Pineapple, Pineapple and Lemon Lime, and Raspberry Tangerine. These flavours are provided by the likes of Unreal2 and Unreal3, which are renowned for their intense and tasteful e-liquid flavours.

Best New Vape Pens UK

Disposable vape pens are growing in popularity thanks to their convenience. Delicious flavours include apple peach, blueberry pomegranate, cola, grape, mango mojito, sweet lemonade, pink guava, strawberry, sweet peach, and sweet watermelon. Meanwhile, quality brands, such as ELUX and ELFBAR are on offer. As a result, the intensity of taste is unmatched, making our range the most sought-after by vapers everywhere.

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