Exploring the Latest E-Liquid Flavour Trends

The world of vaping is ever evolving, and we always work to keep up with the latest trends. As a result, our customers can rest assured that they’re being presented with the freshest vaping products on the market. We’re always working to produce new e-liquid brands and collections to keep our range interesting and exciting.

Dispergo Vaping was established in 2019 off the back of Jack Rabbit Vapes in response to the skyrocketing popularity of vaping. That said, when exactly did this popularity begin to grow?

When Did Vaping Become Popular?

While vapes first made their way to the marketplace in 2007, by 2011, there were roughly seven million vapers globally. When vapes were in the early stages, disposables and pod vapes weren’t an option, meaning the devices often required a lot of upkeep. It’s for this reason that so many smokers were quite reluctant to make the switch to vaping. Despite this, the emergence of disposables and pod vapes and their convenience has led to rapid growth in the adoption of vaping. In fact, in 2018, there were upwards of 58 million vapers globally, and the worldwide vaper population in 2021 sat at around 82 million.

The Most Popular Vape Flavours

The most popular vape flavours are the ones that don’t overcomplicate things. For instance, Dispergo Vaping’s customer base is all about fruity flavours! Pomegranate, kiwi, watermelon, blueberry, and blue raspberry are just some of the aromas that we pack into our most popular e-liquids.

The Most Popular Vape Brands Made by Dispergo

Some of our most popular vape brands are those that stem from our original Jack Rabbit brand. This includes Rachael Rabbit and Cyber Rabbit, which are some of our best sellers, as well as Okay! Orange.

Rachael Rabbit is the sister brand of Jack Rabbit, and it prides itself on being a premium, fruity collection in which a wide variety of fruits are encompassed. It’s for this reason that Rachael Rabbit is one of our most popular brands, as its versatility makes it easier than ever for vapers to find their next favourite flavour.

Cyber Rabbit is another sister brand of Jack Rabbit, and its focus is drink flavours. Since the collection is based on some of the most popular drinks, it has been a great success with Dispergo Vaping’s customer base. On top of this, the high-quality nature of these premium e-liquids means that our customers are provided with fruity drink flavours that are adored by all.

The third of our most popular brands is Okay! Orange, where the brand’s motto is, “To taste the orange, you must become the orange.” Funnily enough, though, none of the flavours actually contain orange! Despite this, the sweet and fruity nature of the flavours means that they’re a hit with Dispergo Vaping’s customers.

The Rise of Nicotine Salts

Some of the latest e-liquids on the market come in the form of nicotine salts, which is why our newest brands tend to contain a combination of shortfills and nic salts. The reason for the growing popularity of nic salts is that they’re more easily absorbed by the bloodstream. This means that nicotine cravings are satisfied more quickly. What’s more, nic salts provide a smoother hit when compared to freebase nicotine, making for a more pleasurable vaping experience.

E-Liquid Flavour Trends and Young People

E-liquids have come under fire recently, as many people deem that they encourage young people to pick up vaping as a habit. Here at Dispergo Vaping, we understand the seriousness of this issue, which is why we work to prevent it from happening as much as possible.

Regardless of age, we never encourage anyone to pick up vaping if they’re not existing smokers. We don’t claim that vaping is healthy – it’s not. Instead, it’s just the healthier alternative to smoking. As a result, we hope that all our customers can make the smooth transition from smoking to vaping and then vaping to a nicotine-free existence.

As far as young people are concerned, no one below the age of 18 should be accessing our website, and we will not allow anyone without valid proof of age to purchase products from our brick-and-mortar store.

Explore the Latest E-Liquid Trends with Dispergo Vaping

If you’re looking to use vaping as a method of quitting smoking or you’re an existing vaper, be sure to explore the latest e-liquid trends with Dispergo Vaping! We’re constantly working to produce new flavours to keep our product range vibrant and exciting. From e-liquids created by other brands to our exclusive DSG range, we’ve got all manner of e-liquids available on our online store.

We look forward to helping you find your next favourite e-liquid flavour and keeping you updated about all the latest e-liquid flavour trends!

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