Aisu E-Liquid

Produced by the vaping masterminds at ZAP! Juice, Aisu is a collection of e-liquids inspired by kakigōri, a snow-cone-style Japanese dessert made from shaved ice and flavored syrups. Aisu, Japanese for “ice” or “ice cream,” promises a frosty finish to all their liquids. Aisu e-liquids blend this touch of ice with a range of classic fruit flavors, providing a uniquely satisfying vape.


Explore the Aisu Vape Range

Aisu short fill e-liquids have a 70% VG formula and come as a 50ml short fill. Just mix in the ZAP! Juice nicotine salt shot included, and you’re ready to vape! The Aisu range includes:

  • Aisu Blue Raspberry: A popular flavor with an added chill, capturing the taste of a blue slushie.
  • Aisu Dragon Fruit: The unique taste of dragon fruit blended with ice for a sweet and frosty vape.
  • Aisu Melon: Subtly sweet and decidedly juicy, perfect for a summer all-day vape.

Some favorites are also available as 10ml e-liquids (50/50 VG/PG) with a nicotine salt formula, offering a great way to test before investing in a 50ml version.

What Do the Fans Say About Aisu?

ZAP! Juice, a top UK e-liquid brand, has made a name for themselves, and their Aisu range is set to catapult them to new heights. Aisu’s unique blends and intense flavors set them apart in the vaping community. Pick up a bottle from this Japan-inspired range and discover an all-new flavor experience!

Experience the frosty delight of Aisu e-liquids, where ice meets classic fruit flavors for a uniquely satisfying vape.

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