How to Properly Inhale When Vaping

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How to Inhale a Vape

Once you’ve got the right product, you’re probably left wondering how to properly vape. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Your first hit can really pave the way for your vaping experience, and some people are deterred from vaping because they coughed the first time. Well, we’re here to tell you not to be discouraged, as most people cough when taking their first hit on a vape.

Essentially, there are two ways to inhale a vape: mouth-to-lung and direct lung draws.

Mouth-to-lung draws are likely what you’ll be aiming for when you first start vaping, as this inhalation method is best suited to smaller vapes with high resistance coils and a higher nicotine strength with around a 50/50 PG to VG ratio. This type of draw should feel like sucking air through a straw, resulting in minimal vapour. In fact, this method creates a hit that is closest to that of a cigarette. The technique is as follows:

  1. Draw the vapour into your mouth for a few seconds
  2. Keep your mouth closed and hold the vapour for a second or two
  3. Open your mouth and breathe the vapour into your lungs without swallowing it
  4. Exhale once the vapour reaches your lungs

If you choose to move on to a larger vape with a low resistance coil, you might change your technique to a direct lung draw. Since this method is better for low-nicotine solutions, it should feel a lot smoother. Similarly, this type of inhale provides you with bigger clouds and stronger flavourings, thanks to the increased VG content of 70/30. The technique is simple:

  1. Quickly draw vapour directly to the lungs
  2. Exhale vapour almost immediately

Most larger devices will have an adjustable airflow, meaning the nicotine content will guide you on how to inhale. For instance, a direct lung inhale shouldn’t be taken on anything over 6 mg.

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Vaping refers to the inhalation of vapour from an electronic cigarette, which emulates smoking without the harmful chemicals. The electronic cigarette holds an e-liquid, some of which are flavoured and contain nicotine.

With this being said, knowing how to vape for the first time can be quite tricky, even for people who have smoked cigarettes for a lot of their lives. The best way how to use a vape doesn’t match up to the best way to smoke a cigarette, meaning many people experience discomfort when they first start vaping. It’s for this reason that we’ve put together this handy guide on how to vape properly.

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What is a Vape?

Electronic cigarettes are otherwise known as vapes; therefore, vapes are handheld electronic devices that produce inhalable vapour. Initially, vapes were designed to mimic the appearance of traditional cigarettes; however, they have since evolved to become more robust solutions. Are you looking for a robust vaping solution? Discover the Dispergo Vaping range here

How Does a Vape Work?

Essentially, all vapes share the same premise of a vape mod (battery source) powering a coil (heating element) that vaporises the e-liquid in the tank (small chamber). This vapour then gets inhaled by the user via a mouthpiece. As a result, the term “vape” refers to the entire system, and the system won’t work in the absence of any components.

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How are vapes powered?

As previously mentioned, vapes are powered by a battery device, otherwise known as a vape mod. Typically speaking, these are lithium-ion batteries that can be purchased in various sizes and forms. These forms include e-cigarettes, pod vapes, tube mods, vape pens, and box mods. Furthermore, the more advanced solutions are adjustable in terms of watts and temperature.

When initially learning how to use a vape pen, you’re going to want to start off with a low-power vape mod. These include all-in-ones, e-cigarettes, vape pens, and pod vapes; each of which requires no prior experience. Usually, they’re equipped with a small rechargeable battery (unless they’re disposable) and you won’t normally be able to adjust the power. Additionally, low-power models are extremely portable and concealable.

Once you’ve obtained some experience and you know how to vape safely, you might wish to upgrade to a medium-powered solution. These include box mods, tube mods, and all-in-ones, in which some battery safety knowledge is recommended. Speaking of the battery, this tends to be medium-sized and rechargeable; however, whether it’s replaceable or built-in will depend on the model. Similarly, the power is often adjustable up to 100 watts and the product should fit nicely in the user’s pocket.

Finally, once you’re a veteran in how to smoke a vape, you can move on to a high-power vape mod. These include mechanical mods and box mods. These can’t be used without experience and batteries are very rarely built-in, making battery safety knowledge a must. Although these products can be pocketed, they’re extremely bulky and heavy. Lastly, the power can normally be adjusted up to 200+ watts.

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The Vapour Source

As formerly touched on, vapour is created in the vape tank, which is a chamber that’s connected to the vape mod. Within this sits a heating coil and a wick that’s saturated with e-liquid. As a result, when someone takes a hit, the e-liquid is heated by the coil, which results in vapour production.

Whether you opt for a prefilled, refillable, or rebuildable vapour source, you need to ensure that it’s compatible with your chosen mod. Similarly, the coil will have to be changed fairly regularly, as the vapour and flavour will decline after excessive use.

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How to Vape

When learning how to use a vape pen, it’s always a good idea to start off with a basic starter kit in the form of a pod vape, all-in-one, e-cigarette, or disposable e-cigarette. Following this, you’ll need to purchase the best e-liquid for the kit type and consider which flavour and nicotine strength most appeals to you.

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