The Future of Vaping

The government is on a mission to create a smoke-free generation, and this is something we can get behind at Dispergo Vaping. In order to prevent individuals from picking up the habit of smoking in the first place, the government is introducing a new law in which it will be illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone born on or after 1 January 2009. This will be achieved by raising the smoking age by a year each year, starting in 2027, until it applies to the entire population.

Naturally, when reassessing the country’s smoking laws, the vaping laws in the UK in 2023 also receive attention. While it’s great that today’s youth are being deterred from smoking, there are obviously still concerns about young people adopting the habit of vaping instead. It’s for this reason that the future of vaping must also change to ensure that vape juice with nicotine is being used in the way that we intend it.

Although Dispergo Vaping is a manufacturer and supplier of vaping products, we don’t endorse or promote anyone to simply pick up vaping. We believe that vaping is an effective mode of quitting smoking, which is why we only encourage smokers to vape as an alternative to smoking. Similarly, we hope that our customers will work to reduce their nicotine intake gradually until they’re able to wean themselves off both cigarettes and vapes completely. Ideally, we want people to temporarily use vapes as a stepping-stone towards a nicotine-free existence, and these people should all be of the legal age to vape.

Is It Illegal to Sell Vapes?

It seems that there are always rumours about an e-cig ban coming into play in order to prevent young people from vaping. Despite this, the government has deemed that vapes don’t need to be banned; instead, they need to be changed. This is something that we can agree with at Dispergo Vaping, as we want people to adopt vaping in a sensible, safe, and legal manner. To that end, detailed below are some of the changes that have been proposed as a result of a government survey.

A Ban on Flavoured Vapes?

It has been said that flavours are what make vapes appealing to children; however, we don’t believe flavours are the problem. In fact, we feel the flavours are essential for preventing ex-smokers from reverting back to cigarettes. As a result, we feel that other methods of preventing young people from vaping would be more effective.

Regulating Point of Sale Displays

As of 6 April 2012, it’s illegal for shops to display tobacco products at the point of sale. This means that shoppers must have the intention to purchase tobacco products, as they’re not placed in front of them as a reminder. Currently, vapes are allowed to be displayed at the point of sale. This means that even if someone doesn’t enter a shop with the intention to purchase a vape, they’re constantly reminded of it, which can influence impulsive purchases.

Therefore, the future of vapes may see them being treated in the same way as tobacco products, in which they’re placed behind the counter and not displayed. Here at Dispergo Vaping, we’d go so far as to say that vapes shouldn’t be stocked and sold by just any corner shop or supermarket. Instead, we feel that reputable manufacturers and retailers such as us should exclusively be able to stock and sell vape products. This way, it will make it easier to regulate who is able to see and purchase vaping products, reducing young people’s exposure to such.

Let’s take the gambling industry as a comparison. Like the vaping industry, it’s abundant in bright colours; however, the barriers to entry mean that it’s not accessible to under 18s. In order to bet online or gamble in a casino, you must present proof of age, and this is what we’re looking to achieve in the vaping industry.

A Ban on Disposable Vapes?

Disposable vapes have been adopted more rapidly than any other mode of vaping in recent years due to their convenience and short-term affordability, with these devices costing around £5 each. On the contrary, setting up a vaping kit costs a minimum of £30, which is less accessible to under 18s. Therefore, instead of picking up the habit or churning through disposable after disposable, we always recommend that ex-smokers invest in a kit.

Not only are disposable vapes a concern from a public health perspective, but also an environmental one. Every time a disposable vape runs dry, it contributes to an ever-growing landfill pile, and a battery is being thrown away each time. It’s for these reasons that the future of vaping could see disposable vapes simply being banned.

Here at Dispergo Vaping, admittedly, we aren’t the biggest fans of disposables. It’s for this reason that we developed our Disposable Quit Kit so that users of disposables have a convenient alternative to these devices.


Another aspect of vaping that makes it more appealing to young people is that it’s more affordable than smoking, with smoking being three times more expensive than vaping. This is because tobacco products are subject to VAT and duty, whereas vape products are solely subject to VAT. While this price difference is vital for encouraging smokers to switch to vaping, it also makes them more accessible to young people. Therefore, the future of vaping could see vape products increase in price (while still remaining as the cheaper alternative to smoking).


Enforcement is the key to ensuring that young people are unable to access vape products. This means that retailers and the government need to clamp down on people being sold vape products without having to provide proof of age. At Dispergo Vaping, people under the age of 18 are not allowed to access our website, and we don’t allow anyone who looks younger than 25 to purchase products in-store without proof of age.

Step into the Future of Vaping with Dispergo Vaping

Here at Dispergo Vaping, we’re constantly working to ensure that our products are as safe as can be, and we always make certain that we’re in compliance with the national laws and regulations. If you have any queries or concerns about where the future of vaping is headed, we’re always more than happy to help. So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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