Top 10 E-Liquid Flavours to Try in 2023

Are you on the hunt for a new vape e-liquid? If so, Dispergo Vaping provides some of the best e-liquid brands in the UK. Not only are we a supplier of the best e-liquid flavours, but we also manufacture them, meaning that Dispergo is the place to get your hands on the most unique and delicious flavours. In order to enjoy the best e-liquids in the UK created by Dispergo Vaping, be sure to shop our DSG e-liquids.

DSG stands for the Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee, which means that every e-liquid that’s created by us is covered by our warranty. This states that if any customer doesn’t enjoy their chosen e-liquid, we’ll cover the cost of postage for them to return the e-liquid and send them a different one completely free of charge!

So, you’ve got no excuse not to give DSG e-liquids a try! Detailed below are the top 10 e-liquid flavours that we’d encourage you to try this year.

 Top 10 E-Liquid Flavours to Try in 2023

Rachael Rabbit – Pomegranate, Kiwi and Watermelon

First up is Pomegranate, Kiwi and Watermelon, created by Rachael Rabbit. Rachael Rabbit is the sister brand of the Original Jack Rabbit, which was the first brand to be created by Dispergo back in 2016. The Original Jack Rabbit was based on a combination of tasty cake and fresh fruit aromas; however, Rachael Rabbit is all about premium fruits. As a result, the brand is sure to provide something for everyone.

One of our favourite flavours is Pomegranate, Kiwi and Watermelon, which is an exotic kiwi fruit blended with deep, sweet pomegranate juiciness, perfectly balanced with delicate tones of fresh watermelon and a touch of ice. It’s safe to say that this is a truly special flavour.

xenon cyber rabbit jak'd flavour 100ml e-liquid

Cyber Rabbit – Xenon

Next up is Xenon by Cyber Rabbit. You might have guessed that Cyber Rabbit is another sister brand of the Original Jack Rabbit; however, this one is based on the best drink flavoured eliquids. So, if you’re a lover of fruity drinks, this is the brand for you!

One of our favourite flavours is Xenon, which boasts a dazzling beam of blueberries against a flickering halo of full-bodied pomegranate.

Top 10 E-Liquid Flavours to Try in 2023

Okay! Orange – Blue Raspberry Bonbon

Blue Raspberry Bonbon by Okay! Orange is the next of our recommended flavours, and Okay! Orange is one of our proudest collections. The brand was first released in 2019 and remains well-respected in the industry; the brand’s motto is “To taste the orange, you must become the orange.” It’s worth noting, though, that none of Okay! Orange’s flavours actually contain orange!

Blue Raspberry Bonbon is one of our favourite Okay! Orange flavours due to its sweet yet tangy all-American blue raspberry, combined with the mouthwatering chewy base of a bonbon.

Top 10 E-Liquid Flavours to Try in 2023

Jack Rabbit – Banoffee Pie

As previously mentioned, Jack Rabbit is the original brand that was created by Dispergo, and one of our favourite flavours is Banoffee Pie. Naturally, this is based on the famous dessert, and the inhale promises a dreamy whipped cream combined with a sweet caramel toffee and fresh banana. On the exhale, hints of butterscotch are given off, which compliments the buttery biscuit base. The end result is a dessert flavour that can be vaped all day.

cranberries and raspberry flavour e-liquid by unreal berries

Unreal Raspberry – Pink

Following this is Pink by Unreal Raspberry. Unreal Raspberry is the original brand in the Unreal series and is based on one of the most popular flavours in the vaping industry, blue raspberry! As a result, each of the flavours in the collection has a blue raspberry base with a twist!

Pink provides one of our favourite twists, as it combines blue raspberry with a juicy bubblegum flavour. With tangy blue raspberry and sweet bubblegum combined, a perfect balance is created. Therefore, this is the ideal e-liquid for lovers of sweet and fruity vapes.

Top 10 E-Liquid Flavours to Try in 2023

Unreal2 – Dark Grape and Bubblegum

Unreal2 is the first descendant of Unreal Raspberry, and it’s the creator of Dark Grape and Bubblegum. The brand is based upon an array of different fruity flavours, creating classic flavours with a unique twist.

Dark Grape and Bubblegum is one of our favourites as it boasts a luscious blend of rich, dark grape with tangy, juicy bubblegum.

Top 10 E-Liquid Flavours to Try in 2023

13 Squid – Caspian

As the name suggests, 13 Squid is all about the number 13. While it may be unlucky for some, it’s the magic number for this brand! Comprising 13 flavours and costing just 13 quid, the collection is abundant in dessert, tobacco, and fruity flavours.

Of the 13, one of our favourite flavours is Caspian, which gives off a taste of juicy mango and a touch of frost, which is perfect for fruity lovers who are on the hunt for a summer feeling all year round.

Top 10 E-Liquid Flavours to Try in 2023

Fugly but Fruity – Blue Raspberry Rhubarb Lychee

Next up is Blue Raspberry Rhubarb Lychee by Fugly but Fruity. As you can imagine, the brand is all about mouthwatering fruit medleys. One of our favourites from the collection is Blue Raspberry Rhubarb Lychee, which boasts an aromatic blend of sweet but tangy blue raspberry, a dash of tart rhubarb, and sweet, floral lychee, which leads to a perfectly balanced flavour that’s sure to tickle anyone’s tastebuds.

Top 10 E-Liquid Flavours to Try in 2023

Fresco Fruits – Kiwi, Strawberry and Watermelon

Following this is Kiwi, Strawberry and Watermelon by Fresco Fruits. This brand is all about fruit goodness that’s sure to get tastebuds tingling. Kiwi, Strawberry and Watermelon is one of our favourite flavours, as it provides a smooth and refreshing taste of strawberries, sweet and juicy watermelon, and exotic kiwi, resulting in a well-balanced vape. The flavour is finished off with a mild cooling effect, making it ideal for a hot day.

Top 10 E-Liquid Flavours to Try in 2023

Unreal3 – Mango and Passionfruit

Last but not least is Mango and Passionfruit by Unreal3. Unreal3 is the third brand in the Unreal series and boasts a delightful range of tropical fruity flavours with a hint of ice for a simultaneously tasty and refreshing vape. We love the Mango and Passionfruit flavour, as it delivers a tropical blend of juicy fresh mango and sweet aromatic passionfruit, finished with a drop of ice!

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