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Introducing the New Nasty Range: Nasty Liq!

New Nasty Range

Dispergo Vaping is proud to present one of the latest nic salt brands on the market, Nasty Liq! The range features a tremendous number of flavours, meaning there’s something to suit the tastes of any and every customer. So, if you want to be among the first to get your hands on the new Nasty range, be sure to keep a close eye on the Dispergo Vaping site! We are the first to stock this collection, meaning you’ll be able to get it here before anywhere else.

Nasty is a Malaysian e-liquid company that has gained global recognition for its adventurous and unique flavour combinations. The brand’s success stems from its in-depth knowledge of the industry and its demands, which have allowed for the creation of the most genuine and premium flavours that are explored in further detail below…

Strawberry Raspberry Nasty E-Liquid

First up is Nasty Liq’s Strawberry Raspberry nic salt, which delivers a delightful berry fusion wherein the luscious sweetness of strawberries and tangy raspberries engage in a flavourful showdown across your tastebuds. Each competing note can be distinguished from the other, yet they still work in harmony with one another, resulting in a perfectly balanced flavour blend.

Gummy Bear Nasty Juice E-Liquid

If you’re a sweet lover, this is the nic salt for you. Nasty Liq’s Gummy Bear Nic Salt is sure to deliver the taste of a delectable, sweet treat, resulting in an irresistible sugar rush. Therefore, if you have a sugar-loving palate, you’re sure to be satisfied with this nic salt.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry Nasty Liquid

Perhaps you have less of a sweet tooth, and you’re all about those sour flavours. If so, Nasty Liq’s Blueberry Sour Raspberry Nic Salt has got you covered! The Nasty touch is applied to this well-known flavour combination, featuring tangy raspberry intermingled with a tart blueberry twist to complete the flavour profile.

Watermelon Ice Nasty Vape Liquid

Nasty Liq’s Watermelon Ice Nic Salt is the ideal choice for those vapers who cannot get enough of fresh tasting flavours. This nic salt delivers a refreshing gust of untamed watermelon flavours, which remain crisp with subtle menthol hints to complete the sweetened fruit nuances.

Lemon Lime Liquid Nasty Juice

Any fan of the classics is sure to love Nasty Liq’s Lemon Lime Nic Salt. This is because it provides a Nasty twist on a timeless favourite, in which high-energy, citrus-infused draws are delivered every time. From this, a new standard for the market is being established!

Mango Peach Pineapple Nasty Juice Liquid

Nasty Liq’s Mango Peach Pineapple Nic Salt is all about the creation of a ceaselessly revitalising Caribbean experience. This is achieved via a fusion of velvety mango and luscious peach, which is complemented by the invigorating presence of zesty pineapple all along the way.

Tobacco Menthol Nasty Juice Vape Liquid

If you’re a traditionalist, Nasty Liq’s Tobacco Menthol Nic Salt has got you covered. This nic salt combines the classic creamy tobacco flavour with a Nasty twist of bold menthol accents.

Cherry Ice Nasty Salt Liquid

Any lover of unique flavours is sure to appreciate Nasty Liq’s Cherry Ice Nic Salt. After all, this delivers the delightful essence of cherry pie, which is completed by a refreshing exhale.

Mineral Water Nasty Ballin’ Liquid

Speaking of unique flavours, we challenge you to find any other mineral water-flavoured e-liquid! Nasty Liq’s Mineral Water Nic Salt replicates the rejuvenating sensation of sipping a glass of water, allowing for immense refreshment.

Blue Raspberry Nasty Salt Vape Liquid

Are you ready for Nasty’s take on one of the most popular flavours in the vaping industry? Nasty Liq’s Blue Raspberry Nic Salt takes this well-known flavour combination and elevates it to a new level of excellence via a blend of exceptionally blueberry and a tangy, tart raspberry essence.

Fizzy Cherry Nasty Liq

If you’re a lover of old-school sweets, Nasty Liq’s Fizzy Cherry Nic Salt is for you. The nic salt boasts a fizzy and sugary concoction of glacé cherry flavours, leaving you with a delightfully fruity sensation.

Peach Ice Nasty Liq

Another one of Nasty Liq’s most refreshing creations is its Peach Ice Nic Salt, which combines the highest-quality peaches with a refreshing touch of menthol, resulting in a delightful creation.

Rainbow Candy Nasty Liq

When you’re looking for the full spectrum of sweet flavours, you need to give Nasty Liq’s Rainbow Candy Nic Salt a try. Quite simply, this nic salt is a sugary delight that delivers a rush of sweetness with every inhalation, putting you in mind of your childhood favourite sweets.

Pink Lemonade Nasty Liq

Last but not least is Nasty Liq’s Pink Lemonade Nic Salt, which boasts a vibrant fusion of effervescent lemon accents interwoven with succulent red berries. It’s safe to say that a flavour such as this one is a timeless classic.

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